Fulfilment & distribution services

Leverage our logistics

For stock sourcing, warehouse management, supply chain and distribution solutions, look no further than GET Rewards.

Get complete peace of mind

We provide fulfilment services for full-scale reward programs or once-off, pay-as-you-go services.

Product, stock & service provider procurement
High security warehouse storage facilities
Order fulfilment, plus pick & packing services
Dispatch operations for nationwide delivery

Cost savings to all our clients

We have developed strong bonds with over 200 leading-brand suppliers, ensuring premium quality and competitive pricing. Plus, our packaging and delivery fees are optimised for cost reduction.

Custom packaging

We provide customisation and personalisation of orders and packaging, ensuring a fully tailored brand experience for your customers, channel partners and employees.

Delivery & distribution sorted

We handle collection of stock, dispatch and delivery of parcels, pallets and full truck loads throughout South Africa, using track & trace technology.

Rewarding with reach

We provide a range of delivery services throughout South Africa, including exteme rural locations. Real-time delivery data and analytics are provided for logistical assessment.

Start fulfilling dreams

Let’s reach and reward more of your customers, channel partners and employees than ever before!

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