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Boost your brand activation

Immersive, multi-sensory experiences forge the emotional bonds that great brands are built on.

To help you incorporate these elements into your experiential marketing campaigns, we’ve compiled a checklist of major milestones and essential requirements for getting the best brand value from prizes, gifts and rewards.

Here’s a summary of the content:

  • Define your objectives
  • Identify your resources
  • Define the brand experience you want to create
  • Select premium prizes, giveaways and rewards to meet your brand objectives
  • Set and communicate key campaign parameters to partners
  • Define all brand campaign requirements
  • Specify delivery criteria
  • Specify rewards packing and any custom requirements
  • Define fulfilment requirements
  • Establish consumer response management and query rules and regulations
  • Define campaign feedback process
  • Define value added services and data management
  • Measure success
  • Determine consumer response strategy (within and outside SA borders)
  • Plan follow up marketing and social media