Rewarding behaviour change

Gamification is a great way to package motivation and change behaviour. Win the engagement of your customers, channel partners and employees like never before.

Smart play

Playa’s gamification platform supports dynamic, self-learning. From micro-learning modules to large-scale training programs, engagement is assured.

A powerful platform built for results

Open, secure, scalable and easily integrated into existing platforms

Geared for high motivation, performance and learning

Built for real-time feedback and automated engagement

Inclusive of rich media learning options and content uploads

Designed with live analytics on visual dashboards

Available as custom and off-the-shelf programs

Use gamification for …

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Playa provides a series of off-the-shelf gamified experiences, perfect for individual and team-based performance companies and business units, from contact centres to sales.

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Let’s get your customers, channel partners and employees playing and your loyalty climbing!

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