Retail Cards

A comprehensive retail card portfolio

Retail cards guarantee gifts and rewards people will love because they have the freedom to pick whatever they want. We offer three types of retail cards, each securely backed by MasterCard®.

Gift card

A pre-paid, single-use card for surprise and delight rewards

Great solution for:

  • Brand activations
  • Launching a new product
  • Celebrating special milestones

Shopping card

A reusable card for points-based reward programs

Great for rewarding:

  • Sales team performance
  • Employee achievement of business objectives
  • Channel partners for meeting targets

Online shopping card

A reusable virtual card for points-based reward programs

Great when you want to:

  • Reduce campaign costs without compromising reward choice
  • Provide 24/7 shopping access – online never closes

Every swipe tells a story

Turn transactions into touchpoints with retail cards.

Start swiping

Let’s get your customers, channel partners and employees swiping and your loyalty climbing!

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