Rewarding with the power of choice

SA’s widest range of rewards

When your reward portfolio has plenty of choice, people can select rewards that have personal meaning and value.


The GET Rewards online mall is packed with the best-selling merchandise from world-class brands. Get high-trend shopping across 11 lifestyle shops, 24/7.

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Retail cards

Gift card

A pre-paid, single-use card that is ideal for surprise and delight occasions. Accepted anywhere that supports Mastercard®.

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Shopping card

A reusable card for use in points-based reward programs. With flexible limits and ease of use at any point of sale that supports Mastercard®.

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Online shopping card

For members of points-based reward programs, this secure, pre-paid virtual Mastercard® opens up the world of online shopping and informal trading.

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From airtime and data to in-store shopping and unforgettable experiences, vouchers have high personal appeal and instant impact.

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Our experiential rewards span the worlds of nature, creativity, adventure and romance.
Every experience is designed to motivate and inspire.

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Incentive travel

Our expertise covers all aspects of incentive travel and logistics, providing you with tailored brand experiences, anywhere in the world.

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Individual travel

We book local and global destination deals, flights, hotels, car rental and other travel services for high earners on your points-based reward program.

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