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Purposeful rewarding starts here

Covering multiple lifestyle categories, GET Rewards digital vouchers are a popular reward mechanism. Plus, they’re a cost-effective reward solution, since delivery takes place via SMS or email. Instant, effective and always appreciated, digital vouchers belong in your reward mix.

GET a quote for digital vouchers

Used by loyalty marketers to boost engagement, and by brand managers to create brand affinity and association, digital vouchers offer the best of both worlds. From airtime and data to in-store shopping, digital vouchers will give your brand the loyalty boost it needs. Just tell us a little about your specific needs.

What makes GET Rewards the reward partner of choice?

  • We offer the widest range of rewards in South Africa.
  • As a single-source provider, we are a one-stop reward shop.
  • We specialise in bulk rewards, prizes and gifts.
  • As logistic experts, we take the hassle out of reward management.
  • We deliver anywhere in South Africa.

Real-time rewards

Redeemed seamlessly at point of sale or via USSD for airtime and data, digital vouchers can be specifically targeted for personal engagement and big brand impact.

As a fast, convenient and cost-effective reward mechanism, digital vouchers are an ideal choice – either for participants of points-based reward programs or as once-off, bulk rewards that deliver instant gratification.

Simply fill in the form and we’ll get back to you with a quote.


Our service fees are as follows:

Once off setup fee                       R 1 500

Monthly management fee          R3500 -R5000

Load fee                                        5%-10%

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY