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In the rewards space, digital has been growing fast as a preferred distribution channel.


In fact, for convenience, immediacy and just plain preference for all-things digital among certain generations (you know who you are) digital rewards are a must-have in any reward mix.

Enter a global pandemic and we all have even more reason to leverage no-touch, digital delivery at every opportunity. And the best way to deliver digital rewards is with an app.

The benefits of digital rewards

First, the basics. Rewards program fulfilment costs add up, no matter what kind of rewards you’re delivering. Big volume merchandise rewards mean big courier costs and there’s no way around that. Digital rewards are – well – digital and a fraction of the fulfilment cost of merchandise. So lower overall cost is the first big plus.

And on the softer side of rewarding, instant delivery adds surprise and delight sparkle to the reward experience. Think about the multiple customer touch points where a digital ping, announcing an individual special offer, would generate very warm feelings for your brand. Those are just the sort of loyal customer connections you want to nurture regularly.

And then there are the brand opportunities. Many of your customers, sales partners and employees are continually and simultaneously connected to multiple platforms – working, playing, chatting and sharing. Particularly sharing.

We all know how easy (and fun) it is to share, which means a positive, personal rewards experience will very likely be shared, liked, shared again and turned into collective celebration. How’s that for the kind of word-of-mouth brand reach dreams are made of? And much of this activity happens on mobile. So, it follows that an app makes the whole experience easier, faster and better.

If you’re not in on the digital action yet, it’s time. Here’s how to Advance your brand reach with easy, instant digital vouchers.

Why you need an app

Imagine a simple, elegant app that offers all-in-one rewards program management and payment functionality. A wondrous combination of the best mobile technology and classic incentive strategy delivering secure, personalised engagement with your audience. That’s the Rewardsapp. Think of the benefits.

The Rewardsapp works with any rewards-based program

  • Customise modules for your recognition, incentives, loyalty programs or promotions
  • Enhance existing fulfilment products with new functionality
  • Meet your program needs and budget with digital functionality and standard or custom design

Reduce program costs

  • Virtual fulfilment means no courier costs
  • Virtual transactions mean no card (and no card fees) required
  • Communications via no cost direct messaging eliminates SMS charges
  • Participant self-service features reduce the need for contact centre support
  • The Rewardsapp downloads from app stores and includes free instant updates

Boost participant engagement

  • Your rewards program is integrated with participants’ mobile lifestyles
  • High brand visibility reinforces the brand / rewards connection
  • Rewards are always close at hand and ready for spontaneous spending
  • No cost messaging allows you to send frequent, relevant program communications
  • 24/7 access to program information makes it easy for participants to keep current and connected
  • It’s simple to upload FICA documents if your program requires it

The Rewardsapp from GET Rewards

If you’re offering digital rewards, you need an app. So, let’s talk the Rewardsapp. It’s a secure, single channel rewards solution with access to a wide range of digital rewards. We’ve got virtual cards, airtime, data and the biggest selection of vouchers in South Africa. Plus, loads of other features that make the Rewardsapp a must-have in your rewards program mix. Get in touch and let’s talk apps.


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