We live in an era defined by innovation; an age that has given us a multitude of digital platforms, mobile technology and SaaS tech.

These innovative digital solutions are enlightening our lives at work and beyond, because the experiences they provide are immersive, interactive and highly personalised. Like online shoppingIncentive reward program owners, take note. If you don’t offer a digital rewards experience, now’s the time. And here’s why

The pivot to online shopping

In the current climate of COVID-19 awareness and social distancing, the benefits of online shopping are obvious. And the situation has been the motivation many South Africans needed to adopt the online shopping habit. 

In a recent Nielsen Consumer Insights Survey (31 March 2020) 29% of South Africans reported shopping online more often than before the outbreak. Gareth Paterson, retailer lead for Nielsen South Africa, believes the current situation is opening a path for greater technical infrastructure development and consumer acceptance.  

Commenting on these trends in The Media Online, he is optimistic in the evolution of online shopping in the country, “We can…expect a permanent uplift in online shopping numbers – albeit off a small base in South Africa – even after the pandemic has ended, since many behaviours adopted during the COVID-19 period are likely to translate into more permanent long term habits.” 

Safer, faster and a lot more fun

Before lockdown and infection risk management made online shopping a sensible alternative to visiting physical shops, a lot of people loved online shopping for the pure pleasure and convenience of it. And why not?   

  • Shop 24/7. Online shops never close, which is a pretty big plus if you consider how much easier, faster and more enjoyable it is to browse from the comfort of your bed or your back garden. Or from anyplace, for that matter, that doesn’t involve sitting in traffic, finding parking and jostling with the throngs of people at the local mall.
  • Easily compare prices. Flick between your favourite shopping websites, or just plug into a local price comparison site and away you go. It’s never been faster or easier to find the best deal on whatever you want to buy. Think about how much time and petrol you spend schlepping from shop to shop looking for bargains. Where’s the savings there?
  • Catch online sales. Many retailers offer exclusive online only sales to move stock in advance of the new season, or as a lure to attract new customers. That alone is a pretty good reason to regularly check what the online shops have to offer.
  • Get more choices. For the most part, online retailers sell a bigger range of products than a physical store could. And if your favourite shop doesn’t have what you want, it’s easy to find the item elsewhere with a few more clicks.
  • Expand shopping horizons. Local is lekker, but sometimes you just can’t get what you’re after at your neighbourhood shopping mall. This is where online shopping is a treat, because you have access to thousands of big and small retailers selling pretty much anything your heart desires.

A reward card just for online shopping

If you’re running a loyalty or points-based incentive program you understand that people prefer personal choice above any other reward you could offer. Online shopping provides an abundance of personal choice and a virtual reward card is an easy, convenient way to give it to them. It’s a win/win.   

GET Rewards has a range of digital rewards, including a virtual card, valid for online shopping at any South African e-commerce retailer that accepts Mastercard®. That includes buying tickets for festivals, sporting events and those other experiences that will reopen eventually. And thanks to mobile payment apps, like SnapScan and Zapper, the virtual card can do double duty for cash-only occasions like shopping at flea markets and pop-up shops. 

Do you want to add an irresistible reward to your incentive program mix? Get in touch and let’s talk about your digital options.  

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