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In the rewards space, digital has been growing fast as a preferred distribution channel.


With high personal appeal and instant impact, digital vouchers bring a delightful element of instant gratification to any rewards scenario. That’s what makes them great for building engagement and driving sales in the consumer space; and attracting and retaining staff in the workplace arena. But these days, digital vouchers come with additional benefits and higher purpose.

No touch rewards

Advances in mobile transactional software means that vouchers can be redeemed seamlessly, with no physical contact at point of sale, adding to their appeal in these times of distancing and minimal contact.

From airtime and data, and unforgettable experiences to contactless in-store shopping at popular retailers and fast food outlets, vouchers point the way to the future of instant, personalised, digital rewards. And nothing beats them for surprise and delight value. They’re just awesome rewards.

Easy to procure

From a reward buyer’s perspective, digital vouchers are a cinch to procure. Make one phone call to GET Rewards and tell us what you need. A rewards specialist will help you customise a selection that aligns with your brand and your objectives.

And you’ve got no shortage of options, because we offer the widest range of vouchers in South Africa. More than 40 big-name brands, across categories ranging from fun to functional: lifestyle, fashion, beauty, jewellery, fast food, camping and sport, children, groceries, airtime and data and the list keeps growing.

Another big benefit for you, is that the selection, order, payment, delivery process is quick. Buy as many vouchers as you need, for whatever value you choose, send us your list of recipients and we’ll do the rest. Unique voucher codes are sent with a forwarding SMS. Want to include more personal word of thanks? We can make that happen, too.

Awesome to receive

Who doesn’t love a voucher? Employees, customers and channel partners all appreciate the sincere sentiment behind a voucher. Whether it’s ‘thanks’ or ‘congratulations’ or ‘sorry we messed up your order, people respond to that kind of recognition. There are lots of reasons why vouchers make great rewards.

Great to share

But there’s more to vouchers than awesomeness.
The COVID-19 lockdown has put a lot of people out of work, with many of the more fortunate who have remained employed working reduced hours or earning reduced wages.



As friends and families have rallied to support each other through this difficult period, we’ve seen an increase in the number of people buying and redeeming vouchers for necessities like groceries and mobile data and airtime.

Whether people are sending essential food items to family across town, or providing extra support to their domestic staff, vouchers have proven to be an effective way to lend a virtual hand to workers, staff or colleagues in need.

And with so many people separated from friends and family over this period, something as simple as mobile airtime has helped people stay connected and feel supported.

The fast, flexible digital voucher reward is surprising, delighting and making a difference to people’s lives in meaningful ways. It’s a different perspective on rewards and what it means to be rewarded. We’re pleased about that.

Do you want to talk about how vouchers might help you reward the people who matter to you and your business? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


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