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Rewards are the ideal way to show your customers, channel partners and employees just how important they are to your brand and your business.

And nothing says ‘thanks, you’re special’ like digital voucher rewards. They never fail to bring a glow of instant gratification to surprise and delight moments. And because they’re convenient and easy to give, digital vouchers are a popular feature in points-based reward programs.

If you’re looking to advance your brand reach, one reward you definitely need to be looking at is digital vouchers. Why? Here are a few good reasons.

1. Immediate

Because they’re digital, vouchers are as quick and easy to deliver as they are to redeem. So if, for example, you’re a brand manager looking to reward loyal customers, simply select the brand-appropriate voucher, choose a value and send it via SMS or email to the recipient’s phone. Once received, your customer presents it in-store to redeem their reward. What could be easier?

2. Versatile

Vouchers do an excellent job whether you’re an HR manager looking to surprise and delight your employees on a birthday or work anniversary, or a brand manager wanting to serve up instantly gratifying rewards to your customers for a competition, product launch or brand activation.

And with vouchers for everything from airtime and data to memorable experiences and in-store shopping at popular retailers and fast food outlets, the spend opportunities are incredible. There’s a voucher for just about every brand and situation.

By the way, GET Rewards has the widest range of vouchers in South Africa. Check them out.  

3. Affordable

Because the entire process, from selection through to redemption is digital, there’s no need to incur  despatch or delivery costs. Vouchers are an incredibly cost-effective way to reward.

4. Scalable

Whether you’re looking to reward your top 100 customers or thousands of loyal fans, vouchers can be delivered via cell phone. One ping. Delivered! And you won’t need to jump through endless admin hoops to make it happen.

5. Personalisable

There was a time when vouchers seemed like an impersonal choice – ever dashed into your favourite retailer to pick one up as a birthday gift because you didn’t have time to shop for a present? That kind of impersonal. But these days, you’ve got choices and lots of them. Everything from lifestyle and high-end fashion brands, to groceries and airtime. And more.  Plus, you can send a voucher with a personal message, making for memorable brand moments and authentic connections.

6. Impactful

Like all great rewards, vouchers deliver big-brand impact, which in turn connects you to customers and nurtures loyalty. And here’s the thing about loyalty, it costs considerably less to retain loyal fans than it does to acquire new ones. You know that, but it’s classic wisdom from Fred Reichheld that bears repeating.

“Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.” And further to the point, “Customers returning to your brand for a second time will refer an average of three people to the business”, while “customers returning to your brand for the 10th time will refer an average of seven people to the business.”

That explains why loyal customers are so crucial to brand reach. And why you want to be showing them some love with digital vouchers.

Get the right fit

A final word of advice. Make sure the vouchers you select align with your brand and your brand values. Mine your data for the best reward fit and use what you know about your customers (buying patterns, interests, location, for example) that suit.

Do you want some help with that? Get in touch. We have the rewards expertise to guide you and the widest range of vouchers in South Africa.


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