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You know how hard it is to buy gifts for family and friends. So why would you even contemplate choosing stuff for your colleagues when the GET Rewards gift card could save your bacon?


At the risk of stating the obvious, employee rewards are supposed to make your employees feel good about themselves and their jobs. If rewards end up feeling more like chores – for givers and/or receivers – then your company is losing a vital battle in the ongoing war for talent.

Say what you want, but Rooibos scented hand cream doesn’t cause my heart to skip a beat. A tie festooned with pics of Homer Simpson in various beer-drinking poses? Funny. But I’m a no-tie kind of guy. A voucher for a three-day retreat on mindful charcuterie techniques? Interesting. But I’m a mindful vegan.

If buying gifts for the people you love the most is tricky, doing the same for members of a multi-generational, multi-ethnic workforce with diverse interests, hopes and dreams is the kind of Mission Impossible that not even Tom Cruise could wangle his way out of. And even if you do get it right for one of your colleagues there are still 200 or 500 or 3 000 others to worry about. Several times a year.

It doesn’t have to be like this

The GET Rewards gift card will save you, the HR professional, endless time and heartache. And it’ll put smiles on the faces of every single one of your colleagues. Simply load the card with cash and let the recipient choose how they want to spend it. The card can be used at any point of sale that accepts Mastercard® – from Parys to Pniel – so even Mari Kondo herself should be able to find something that #SparksJoy.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons companies and their employees can’t get enough of the GET Rewards gift card…

It gives recipients the freedom to choose

Who doesn’t love a buffet breakfast? Except this buffet extends to any establishment that accepts Mastercard®. Which, in today’s hyper-connected world, translates to ‘everywhere’. Instead of having to pretend to be happy with the same bottle of pink bubbly she gets every year, teetotal Tebogo from Accounts can treat herself to the hot stone massage she really craves. Or the advanced driving course she’s had her heart set on for yonks (She’s full of surprises, our Tebogo).

It’s more flexible than Simone Biles

In today’s ultra-competitive employer market, where firms will do just about anything to secure and retain talent, it’s not enough to give employees a 13th cheque and a box of Quality Street on their birthdays. It’s not just about retention either. Research conducted by Globoforce shows that 78% of people work harder and with more drive when their efforts are being rewarded.

The GET Rewards card is as versatile as cable ties, Q20 and Levi’s 501s. Here’s a list of some of the card’s most obvious uses, but really the possibilities are endless.

  • Staff birthdays. Whether you’re shopping for a 21st or a 74th (or anything else in between), a gift card – unlike your staff – never gets old.
  • Long service. Frank’s been working for you since 1983. He doesn’t want a gold watch…he wants to go bungy jumping at Bloukrans!
  • Annual anniversary. Every March, for the past 11 years, Trevor gets an Old Spice gift pack. Not this year he doesn’t!
  • Your Sales Team has just obliterated their Q1 targets and you want to say thank you. But what to get a team that spans more genders, generations and worldviews than Pieter Dirk Uys?
  • Welcome to the company. It’s Dinesh’s first day at the office and you want to make sure he feels at home. Why stick your neck out with Jan Braai’s latest book when you could give the card that keeps on giving?
  • Once-off prizes. So you’re running an in-company raffle in aid of people with no eyebrows but you don’t know what to put in the prize? Oh yes, you do…
  • Special event days. Whether you’re celebrating Left-handers’ Day, Women’s Month, Movember or Water Awareness Week, it’ll have more clout if you say it with a gift card.
  • Year-end function. Yes, you could make personalised place mats for every attendee, but don’t be surprised if most people forget to take them home. The GET Rewards card is accepted at the pub ’round the corner from the venue. Just saying…

It saves you time and money

We don’t need to tell you that most successful companies have huge staff complements because, duh, you’re the HR manager of a successful company. Nedbank, for example, employs 32 000 people. That’s 32 000 bonsai baobabs (good luck sourcing those) in hand-painted terracotta pots (and those). Not to mention a massive bill from the couriers. GET Rewards gift cards pack flat, travel well, and are easy to distribute. And, your employees can still use the card to buy bonsai baobabs in hand-painted terracotta pots if that’s what floats their boats.

It looks flippen’ amazing

At the risk of blowing our own trumpets, the GET Rewards gift card is a thing of beauty. Ta-root! A far cry from the confusing stack of gold, black and platinum cards that stare out of your wallet every time you make a purchase, its light, bright tropical motif urges recipients to spend the reward on something fun and fanciful. (Even if their idea of fun and fanciful is a copy of Knitting with Dog Hair on Amazon).

It’s better (and safer) than cash

“If this card is so damned versatile,” we hear you thinking, “Why not just give employees cash? Or – simpler still – add the money onto their paycheck?” To which we have two very elegant rebuttals. One: What are the chances you’d spend the money on something you really want if it didn’t come in the form of a spiffy psychedelic gift card, accompanied by a heartfelt, hand-written note from your boss? And two: The GET Rewards gift card is linked to a wallet, making it much safer to walk around with than cash (duh) or, these days, even a credit card. (We don’t live in Finland, my China).

Have we convinced you yet?

At the risk of stating the obvious (for a second time), you need the GET Rewards card in your rewards arsenal. It’ll save you time and money and put smiles on your employees’ dials. Find out more here or, better still, schedule a meeting with our rewards team.


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